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A brand is based on the corporative culture.

  • How to build up a strong brand to international b2b-markets?
  • What kind of structure of actions supports that?

These are the topic themes of Riikka Hackselius-Fonsén's presentation about brand management. Practical tips and case examples will meet theory when she builds up a puzzle of brand understanding.

Ms. Hackselius-Fonsén has more than 20-years experience in international brand development and strategies. During that time her team has led several organizations to the World leading positions in their special branches.

Ms. Hackselius-Fonsén will launch her third book about market management in English during this September. So, be the first ones to get this book with an inspiring name; Growth with a change - a handbook of strategic leadership.

PRICE: This event is free of charge for FBCS Working Group members.

REGISTRATION: Registration is required to confirm a seat. You may register by replying to fbcs@fbcs.fi until Thursday, September 13, 2018 or as long as there are seats available. Registration is binding and no-shows will be charged RMB 200 unless cancelled before the end-of-day of the final registration date.

ELIGIBILITY: All of the employees of FBCS member companies are eligible to join the HR Group, the Finance&Legal and/or the Sales&Marketing Group by contacting us at fbcs@fbcs.fi. Please do not hesitate to forward this event invitation to your colleagues.