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China has managed to turn eCommerce into a major buzz word. More and more brands, local and international alike, are competing to grasp a share of a multimillion dollar business. In the wake of this new gold rush, companies and brands sometimes get blinded and struggle with finding the right approach to this continuously expanding market. This seminar will give detailed insights into the Chinese eCommerce world focusing on the B2C and B2B consumer goods segment. It will provide an operational understanding of major Chinese eCommerce ecosystems and tackle a variety of questions:

  • How to start and what channels to focus on?
  • What costs to expect (platform fees, deposits, margins etc.)?
  • Local eCommerce vs. cross border eCommerce: What is the difference?
  • What data is available and how can it be leveraged?
  • Marketing: What to focus on? What works and what not? What are the major tools? How to allocate budget? How to set KPIs?
  • Alibaba Singles Day (Double 11): How to approach it?
  • How to plan logistics for local and cross border eCommerce (warehousing, customs, taxation etc.)?



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