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Finland turns 100 Years December 6, 2017

FBCS has invited, together with the Consulate General and Team Finland, its Members to celebrate the independence on the actual day. Please note that this is separate celebration from the traditional Finnish Independence Day Gala on December 2, which will also be held at the Peace Hotel.

The invitees include Shanghai municipal VIPS, Consuls General working in Shanghai, FBCS members as well as important cooperation partners from other Chambers of Commerce. This event is in English.

Currently Members may register their participation at first-come-first-serve basis as long as places are available. Places are available at:
Premium members: 8 persons/company
Supporting members: 4 persons/company
Corporate members: 2 persons/company
Private members: 1 person

You are a Corporate Member, if you have a page in the Member Directory 2017 - 2018. Premium and Supporting Members have their logos on the back page of the same Member Directory. Please contact us at fbcs@fbcs.fi if you are interested in purchasing additional tickets.

Tickets are not sold at the door. Please note that as there are a limited places available, no-shows will be invoiced at cost (500 RMB). This is because, while the event is free for abovementioned number of Members, no-shows take a place that could have been taken by another Member.

DRESS CODE: Business casual

REGISTRATION: This event is free of charge for above-mentioned number of guests from FBCS Members. Tickets may be now purchased by Members at RMB 500 per ticket. You may register by replying to fbcs@fbcs.fi until end of day November 30, 2017, or as long as there are places available. Please note that even though this is a free invitation for above-mentioned number of Member representatives, no-shows will be invoiced at event cost to FBCS.


Fairmont Peace Hotel
Nanjing East Road 20
Shanghai Shi, China

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