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Environmental rules and regulations are evolving and enforcement is tightening. In addition to the new environmental tax coming into effect in 2018, central and local authorities are continuously introducing or amending measures covering range of concerns, including emissions, waste disposal, fees, reporting and disclosure.

To get practical insights, we have invited prominent speakers from Firmenich and Novartis. In their presentations, these multinational companies will present their approach and explain how they deal with these changes.

In the second part of the evening, we will have a panel discussion to further discuss the topic and see how businesses can get in front and stay ahead of environmental policy, regulatory and enforcement trends. To help you prepare and mitigate risk exposure, our expert panel will discuss:

What is changing: The rules, the fees, the players, the financial and operational exposure of your business
Why are things changing: New generations of leadership and regulatory professionals, strong consensus on urgent need
Who are the significant actors: More enforcers, changing KPIs, rise of social media and instant reporting, and increasingly vocal complaints
How to prepare: Know your local authorities, understand your sector, assess your real risk
How to stay ahead: Government engagement, proactive communications, community engagement, associations







Presentations followed by Q&A



Networking, light dinner