Team Finland for you in 2018

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Consulate General of Finland
Shanghai, China
내일 (15:00 - 17:00)
Citic Square 2501-2505, 25 th floor, 1168 Nanjing Xi Lu

Joint HR and Finance&Legal Group on Anti-Unfair Competition (in Chinese)

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FinChi Innovation Center
Shanghai, China
금요일, 1월 26 (14:00 - 16:00)
Rm401, #2 BLDG, 690 Bi Bo Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park

Belt and Road - Business Across Asia and Beyond

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Shanghai, China
월요일, 1월 29 (08:15 - 10:00)
5 Dongping Rd (Near Hengshan Rd) Shanghai, 东平路5号, 近衡山路, 上海
The primary mission of the Finnish Business Council Shanghai, FBCS, is to provide its members with quality assured information and a forum to network with other likeminded individuals in order to share experiences and avoiding repeating of common mistakes. In order to fulfill this mission the FBCS arranges regular seminars, maintains a website, publishes a membership newsletter, organizes social events, and participates in joint projects with other Finnish or international organizations.