The massive popularity of influencer marketing, also known as KOL (Key Opinion Leaders), has effectively changed the way brands communicate their message to consumers. Brands are increasingly using platforms such as XiaoHongShu (the Little Red Book in English), that combines social media and e-commerce to reach consumers. Being one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in China, it provides an outstanding opportunity for foreign companies who want to get into the massive China market.

This talk will be exploring questions of how platforms like XiaoHongShu help foreign companies penetrate the Chinese market. What is it that makes these platforms so unique that they should be included in the marketing strategies of companies? What should companies do to get the most out of KOL campaigns on platforms like XiaoHongShu?

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  • Elijah Whaley (China Influencer Marketing at PARKLU)

    Elijah Whaley

    China Influencer Marketing at PARKLU


    Elijah Whaley is a content producer, marketer, and a leading voice for influencer marketing innovation in China. Elijah has six years of experience in China’s startup and influencer marketing space.

    He is the Chief Marketing Officer at PARKLU. PARKLU is China’s premier influencer marketing technology platform and agency with 85,000+ influencers across 13 social media platforms, offering a combined reach of more than 900 million Chinese customers.Elijah is also the Cofounder of the Chinese beauty influencer Melilim Fu. Melilim is a number one ranking Beauty Influencer on Weibo. Melilim and Elijah collaborate with global brands on a wide range of projects. Most recently, they produced a series of three short films for NBCUniversal to promote the new season of its hit reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians in China.

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