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Welcome to the FBCS Blockchain Technology Event! Why Blockchain? The Blockchain is extremely interesting on two standpoints. First, from the technologgical view point, how it utilizes cryptography in Blockchain. Second, how it solves Trust ecosystem challenges in modern internet-based solutions.

The Blockchain technology came to be with Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that has been in the center of much hype, although invented in 2008. Blockchain, in essence, is a shared database that cannot be altered and the technology can be used in software systems that require trust between two parties. In short, Blockchain can remove trusted third parties without affecting the integrity of the system.

Our event will offer an introduction and use cases of the technology. For more, join the event!


  • Lari Iso-Anttila (Chief Identity Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Redigo)

    Lari Iso-Anttila

    Chief Identity Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Redigo

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  • Stephane Laurent (Chinese Subcontinent Head, Shivom)

    Stephane Laurent

    Chinese Subcontinent Head, Shivom

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